The Art Of Writing !!!!

MyArena is a special category that I have launched for sharing my thoughts!!!!!What I felt after looking other people’s blogs is that people who read your blogs enjoy something that they can relate with themselves,their life…….But Again the question is Do We Write For Others?

Well,to some extent “Yes”.When I initially started this blog I wrote it for myself,I thought it will organize my knowledge at one place and will improve my writing skills.But only after writing one or 2 posts I used to check my stats column on a regular basis with a lot of curiosity.Why so??And I am quite sure 90% of bloggers do the same.Its natural.We all want to be appreciated for our efforts.So,I will post this category on a monthly basis,and if people willl like it I will post it on quarterly basis.So lets start….


1)Precise Writing::


People generally like reading small articles.So be as much precise as possible.Your sentences should be short.Dont beat around the bush.



2)Simple Writing::


Don’t use fancy words.Use simple plain english.For example,instead of writing something like this:”The post was damn interesting”.You could write:”The post was very interesting”.Also use layman terms.Think from every1’s point of view.Your audience could be a 12 year child to a 60 yr old person.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” – Hans Hoffman

3)Be Passionate::


Only write what you know.Spend plenty of time to research it and write considering you are explaining to a person sittng in front of you and imagining he is asking questions from you related to that topic.Your zeal should be reflected in your writing.

This is the challenge of writing. You have to be very emotionally engaged in what you’re doing, or it comes out flat. You can’t fake your way through this” –Gordon Atkinson

4)Learn to thrive on criticism::

ImagePay attention to what others had to comment and learn from it and if you are just starting then again try to gasp from other successful writings (similar) and know why their audience (perhaps the same as yours) appreciated it and what they liked about it.

To sum it up:

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read “– Leo Burnett

In my next post I will discuss “Art of speaking”.Till then “HAPPY LIFE”


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